GVPack produces single use plastic packaging:

blisters, displays, transport trays, logistic and medical trays.

GVPack produces disposable thermoformed packaging: blisters, displays, shipping trays, logistics trays.

One of the best aspects of thermoforming is the versatility, highlighted by the large number of materials that can be used in this process (PET, PP, PS or OPS and their variants with various coextruded materials).

Thermoforming has many applications and can be used in different industries, through a series of stages: design, prototyping, final instruments, production and delivery.

Thus we offer you intelligent storage and transport solutions, guaranteeing specially designed products of superior quality.


We use advanced technologies for thin film processing.

Fully Automated lines for the production of plastic film packaging. State-of-the-art thermoforming machines.

Molds are designed and manufactured in our workshop, equipped with the latest CAD/CAM design and machining technologies.


We offer fast and efficient product development solutions, from computer-aided 3D design to the final product.

We can make prototype thermoformed parts in 2-3 days from request.